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AM Dealerforum Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

This agreement is made between Dealerforum Ltd of PO Box 293, Newton Abbot, Devon, and the Subscribing Member.

Dealerforum Limited, trading as AM Dealerforum ("AM Dealerforum") offers to subscribing members the use ('The Service') of an Internet Website ("The Website") which enables them to post messages or observations, reply to postings, enter into discussion and take part in opinion polls or referenda concerning specific sectors of the motor industry.

By registering for membership of the AM Dealerforum service you agree to the terms and conditions set out here (as amended from time to time) and re-affirm that agreement every time you use the service.

These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time and AM Dealerforum shall give one months notice of any such change.
  • 1. Membership
    Full membership of AM Dealerforum is granted in return for the payment of either an annual or monthly subscription ("The Subscription") . Members have the right of access to the Website at all times whilst the Website is in service. A limited membership is also granted free of charge giving access to certain sections of the Website
  • 2. Duration & Termination
    • 2.1 Membership shall initially be for a period of twelve months ('the Initial Period') from the date of receipt of the completed registration form by AM Dealerforum (either by post, fax, email or online), or from the end of any initial free trial period which may be granted, whichever is the later, and continues after the initial twelve month period until cancelled by either party giving one clear calendar month's written notice to the other.
    • 2.2 Notice of cancellation of membership will not be accepted before the initial twelve month period described above has been completed.
    • 2.3 Members shall not be entitled to any refund in respect of any unused period of membership
  • 3. Subscriptions
    Full members shall pay a monthly subscription for access to the Service. The subscription shall be collected monthly in advance by direct debit from the Member's designated bank account and payments will commence either upon acceptance of the registration form or at the end of any free trial period which may have been granted. The rate of subscription will be notified at the beginning of the contract. The subscription rate shall be subject to change after the Initial Period upon at least one month's notice. Alternatively Members may subscribe by payment of a full year's subscription in advance at their option. Limited members shall be granted access to certain sections of the Website free of charge, subject to acceptance of their completed registration form.
  • 4. The Website & Service
    • 4.1 The Website is divided into sections to provide for one general access section and a section for each manufacturer franchise. Right of access to the general access section is granted to all members free of charge. The payment of the Subscription grants the right of access to one franchise section and the general section of the Website. Subject to payment of additional subscriptions AM Dealerforum may grant access to additional franchise sections subject to the conditions below.
    • 4.2 Access to each franchise section will be granted in exchange for the payment of the Subscription for that section provided that AM Dealerforum is satisfied that the member is an authorised dealer for that franchise and his dealership has not been terminated or replica watches uk suspended. In this regard the Member will provide whatever evidence may be required by AM Dealerforum at any time to show that he holds the franchise entitling him to access to any particular section. AM Dealerforum reserves the right to suspend or cancel a Member's right of access to any franchise section in the event that the member does not hold or has ceased to hold a franchise relevant to that section or fails to provide after request evidence demonstrating such.
  • 5. Disclaimer
    • 5.1 AM Dealerforum cannot accept responsibility for the truth or otherwise of any statement made on the Website by any member nor accept any liability for any hurt or offence caused to any person or company by any statement or opinion expressed by any member on the Website nor accept liability for any damages for defamation loss of reputation or loss of business whether perceived or real caused by any statement made by a member on the Website.
    • 5.2 The Website and its contents may incorporate links to the web sites and services of third parties. Such links are provided for the User's convenience only, and their provision does not constitute an authorisation by AM Dealerforum to the User to access such third party web sites, nor an endorsement of the content of such third party websites by AM Dealerforum.
    • 5.3 Other members will have access to material posted by you onto the Website and may copy reproduce or otherwise distribute it. By submitting material for posting upon the site you represent that you are the owner of such material and are authorised to publish or distribute it. Further once material is posted upon the site an irrevocable licence to utilise any copyright or other intellectual property rights within the material is granted by the Member to AM Dealerforum and other members.
    • 5.4 AM Dealerforum cannot be held responsible for any infringement of copyright or other intellectual property right caused by any member in publishing material onto the site and insofar as any such claim is capable of subsisting the member so publishing the offending material hereby indemnifies AM Dealerforum against all losses liabilities costs and expenses so arising.
    • 5.5 AM Dealerforum cannot be held responsible for any losses arising howsoever by reason of any member republishing or distributing information posted by any member and shall not be liable in respect of any losses arising through breach by any member of thePrivacy Policy.
  • 6. Indemnity
    It is a condition of membership that members are responsible for all material posted on the Website using their username and password as if they had posted it themselves. The username and password should be kept secret and for the exclusive use of the Member. The Member hereby agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified AM Dealerforum against any liability, claims, expenses or other losses which arise through the Member's use of the Service or the use howsoever of the Member's access to the Service.
  • 7. Privacy
    AM Dealerforum will seek to maintain Members' privacy and the AM Dealerforum Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with these terms and conditions and forms an integral part of them. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you also confirm your agreement to the Privacy Policy (as amended from time to time).
  • 8. Suspension of Service
    • 8.1 AM Dealerforum reserves the right to amend or withdraw one or more of the services of the Website where we have legal administrative or technical reasons to do so. AM Dealerforum may also need to make the Website unavailable from time to time for maintenance either on a scheduled or unscheduled basis. AM Dealerforum may require you to change your username or password at any time for security or procedural reasons.
    • 8.2 AM Dealerforum reserve the right to suspend or terminate any member's access to the whole or part of the Website or to edit alter or remove material posted on the Website by a member where in the opinion of AM Dealerforum there has been a breach of these terms and conditions. During the period of any suspension a member must not attempt to re-register for access to AM Dealerforum.
    • 8.3 AM Dealerforum accepts no liability for temporary suspension of service due to circumstances beyond its control such as (but not limited to) loss of internet service suspension or failure of hosting services provided by any hosting company employed by AM Dealerforum at any time or loss of or failure of any telecommunications service wherever this may occur.
  • 9. Trademarks and Intellectual property
    The names and logos identifying the Website and AM Dealerforum and its products and services are proprietary marks of AM Dealerforum or a group company of AM Dealerforum Ltd or Emap Automotive Ltd and nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall confer on the User any licence to use any such mark or any other intellectual property right of AM Dealerforum.
  • 10. Confidentiality
    The Member confirms that he will not disclose to any third party information regarding the structure and operation of AM Dealerforum which he may learn as a result of his membership whether deliberately or accidentally. Further the Member agrees that he shall not seek to enter into any arrangement whether as employee proprietor director or consultant to provide any services which compete with the Service offered by AM Dealerforum.
  • 11. Jurisdiction
    These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes arising here from shall be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
  • 12. Notices
    Notices under this agreement may be served in writing and by first class post to the business address of either party and shall be deemed to be received 2 days after posting. Alternatively notices may be sent by receipted e-mail and shall be deemed received upon the date of the e-mail receipt and in the case of a receipt dated after 4pm the next day after receipt.
  • 13. Advertising
    The Website shall not be used by any member for advertising purposes and no member shall post an advertisement upon the site without the express written permission of AM Dealerforum
  • 14. Termination
    Upon termination all licences granted under this agreement shall cease.
  • 15. Licence
    • 15.1 Upon acceptance of these terms and upon payment of the subscription for full membership or upon completion of the registration form for limited membership AM Dealerforum grants to you a limited and non-exclusive licence to use the Service for your own personal use. You may not grant access to replica rolex the site to others through the use of your username and password and such action shall entitle AM Dealerforum to terminate or suspend your access to the Service immediately.
    • 15.2 The licence hereby granted is conditional upon your agreement to keep the comments and posting contained upon the site confidential.
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  • 16. User names & Passwords
    • 16.1 To utilise the Service members will be required to create a username and password. All usernames and passwords remain the property of AM Dealerforum and no member shall gain a right to exclusive use or ownership of a username or password. AM Dealerforum grants a limited non-exclusive licence to the member to use the member's password and username and such licence shall terminate upon the termination of the member's subscription to the Service
    • 16.2 The Member agrees to keep their username and password confidential at all times.
  • 17. Content
    • 17.1 AM Dealerforum does not pre-screen or supervise the content of the Website but does reserve the right to remove postings from the site or to terminate discussions or forums if it considers them to be offensive, unlawful, illegal, in breach of any third party intellectual property rights, defamatory, or improper
    • 17.2 Members are entitled to post messages discuss topics and express opinions concerning any subject they consider relevant to their business or franchise or of interest to other members but do so upon the express understanding that the opinions expressed are theirs alone and not those of AM Dealerforum or its staff.

Privacy Policy

  • 1. The company name contact name address telephone numbers and email address of each AM Dealerforum member will be stored on computer file and in hard copy form for administration and contact purposes only: “The Contact File”.
  • 2. Each AM Dealerforum member will be allocated a unique user name and password, which will also be stored on computer file and in hard copy form: “The User Name File”.
  • 3. The Contact File and the User Name File may be kept separate or may be combined in one file: “The Membership File”.
  • 4. Neither the Contact File nor the User Name File nor the Membership File will be released copied transmitted or shown to any third party individual or company other than AM Dealerforum or its staff or consultants other than for the purposes of organising direct mail email or telephone contact of members in which case the file may be used by a bona fide third party company engaged in the business of direct mail email or telephone contact and selected and authorised by AM Dealerforum for this purpose.
  • 5. In the event of a third party company being selected for the purposes detailed in (4.) above the Contact File the User Name File and the Membership File will not be released without a formal undertaking being obtained from the third party company to abide by all the terms of this privacy policy whilst the files are in its possession including an undertaking to destroy or return all files and records in its possession after any specific task it has been employed to carry out has been completed.
  • 6. AM Dealerforum will keep secure the contact details user name and password of each individual member and will not allow them to be released copied transmitted or shown to any third party individual or company without the member’s permission save as part of the complete Contact File User Name File or Membership File as provided for in (4.) above or unless ordered to do so as the result of the granting of a court order.
  • 7. AM Dealerforum advises members to maintain the security of their allocated User Name and Password and upon request will guide members as to the best way to maintain their anonymity but will not be held liable for any costs or damages which may ensue as a result of a member or members releasing information either on the AM Dealerforum website or in any other way which enables any other party to establish their identity or discover their password.